August 2022

SRF's annual Worldwide Convocation is again being held online this year, beginning August 14 at 7:00 p.m. If you have not already registered, visit the SRF website at

Our regular Tuesday evening Open Meditation is cancelled for August 16, to allow everyone to fully participate in the Convocation events. We will resume the Tuesday meditations on August 23, when the chapel will again be open from 6:30 to 9:30 for individual silent meditation. 

We are delighted to be hosting two SRF monastic brothers from September 22rd to the 26th.  A variety of talks, meditations and an outing have been scheduled.  Please note that in order to attend the review of the meditation techniques, Hong Sau and Aum, you will need to provide your enrollment status by showing your SRF student card, a copy of your Lessons or the Lessons section of your SRF/YSS app on your mobile device. Copies of the schedule are available in the foyer and also on our website.


The back yard project is moving ahead! Thank you for your positive support to make this possible. Beautification of the grounds around our Center that reflect the love, harmony and peace of SRF is the goal. Details about this project are available in the Information Room. Donations are still being accepted.


Our book room is open today following the service. There you will find a wide selection of SRF publications, DVDs, CDs and devotional items. We request that only two people visit the bookroom at a time and that you wear a mask.

As we are not passing the basket at this time, offertories may be deposited in the donation box in the Foyer or mailed to the Portland Center. Thank you.

July 2022

On Monday, July 25th, we will be holding the annual special service commemorating the day that Mahavatar Babaji appeared to our Guru to assure him, before leaving for the United States, that he was the chosen one to bring the message of Kriya Yoga to the west. Our service to commemorate this event will be held from 8:00 to 9:00 pm. It is customary to bring a flower and a donation in an envelope. An optional meditation will be held from 7:15-7:45 prior to the service. 

Fragrances can be a problem for people who are allergic to them.  Please be mindful of others, and we request that you refrain from wearing fragrances when attending services and events at the Portland Center. Thank you for your understanding.

We are happy to announce that our Book Room is once again open on most Sundays from noon to 12:15, following the 11:00 Inspirational Service (closed on July 24). There you will find a wide selection of SRF books, magazines, CDs, photographs and more. Please consider your purchases before entering the bookroom so that as many as possible can be accommodated. Only two customers at a time will allowed in the room and masks will be required. The online SRF bookstore can be useful for choosing what you wish to purchase ahead of time. 

A fundraising drive is underway, as we hope to gather sufficient funds to manifest the vision approved by the membership. We invite you to take a look at the informative display available in our Center's Information Room, where you will also find a special box to receive donations made with cash or check. Contributions may also be sent through Zelle; see below for instructions on how to donate in this way.

To use Zelle: Log in to your bank's website and check for the Zelle icon.  Click to set it up by following the instructions. You will then need to add the recipient (Portland Center of SRF) as a contact, using our designated email address:

June 2022

We will be holding a memorial service for one of our long-time members, Brenda Nelson, on Saturday, July 9th at 11:00 a.m. Brenda served the Portland SRF Center for many years along with her husband Bruce, who was head of the maintenance committee.   The service will last approximately 45 minutes and will be followed by a reception with family and friends.  All are welcome to attend.


Members of Portland Center unanimously approved moving forward with the back yard makeover design proposed by our Landscape Committee, who have been researching and planning for many months. The first phase involves the installation of gravel paths, which will be followed by future plantings of climate appropriate ornamentals. 


At the conclusion of the Sunday inspirational service, devotees are welcome to remain seated in silent prayer and meditation. Those who are interested in speaking with other devotees are welcome and encouraged to do so in the foyer, the information room and outside. The latest covid variant is highly transmissible and the numbers are increasing so please maintain distance as much as possible while indoors and consider taking your conversations outside. A mask is highly recommended if you have health concerns. Thank you for your cooperation.


Portland Center of SRF is supported solely by financial contributions from members and friends, and by volunteers who donate their time.  For those who use online banking, the option to send funds through Zelle is now available.  Zelle is a money transfer service that is secure, free of charge, and widely accepted.

Another convenient option for those who choose to make regular donations to our Center is to set up automatic bill pay through your bank.  Or checks may be mailed to us at 356 NE 80th Avenue, Portland 97213.

Thank you for your support!