Why does Portland Center

want to consider incorporating?

Currently, the Portland Center has no Bylaws or any form of legal status, and there are multiple reasons why the Portland Center and many SRF Centers are incorporating or have already incorporated.


Among the advantages are:

  • To establish a legal status and rights.

  • To have the ability to sign contracts as an entity rather than as individuals.

  • Liability protection for members of the Managing Council and volunteers from assuming contractual and other risks.

  • To obtain adequate insurance.

  • Conduct operations under a corporate umbrella, such as open bank accounts and designate authorized signatories.

  • To ensure tax deductibility of donations.

  • Define and establish how the Center operates through a set of formally created Bylaws that conform to both state laws and agreement among members.


Mother Center has provided the Bylaws that will be adopted. An attorney will assist in the final process of reviewing the Bylaws and registering the incorporation. These Bylaws and the process of incorporation will not change how the Portland Center conducts services.

A vote will be taken to approve the incorporation by the voting members (those who have registered to vote through the on-line registration form) after the documents have been processed and approved by Mother Center.